Insurance Fraud Investigations

Be it workers’ compensation, personal injury, auto accident or medical malpractice claims, Advent Investigations will investigate the claim to assure its validity or to discredit it with evidence that can be brought to court.  We have worked with claims adjustors to expedite the claims’ process.  When your firm knows a claim is not legitimate, an effective strategy can be developed with counsel.  Often the result is an enormous savings in legal fees and reduced judgments.

Litigation Support

Advent Investigations provides the requisite expertise necessary for trial preparation. By locating and interviewing witnesses, documenting evidence, process service or whatever your needs may be, Advent provides excellence in litigation support.


At times, it becomes necessary to conduct surveillance on individuals making assertions that are difficult to believe are outright fabrications. Utilizing former state and federal law enforcement agents, Advent can diligently locate and maintain visual contact of targeted properties and individuals. Surveillance is often key in obtaining evidence during that momentary window of opportunity. Evidence in the form of still photographs, video and/or written reports can make the difference in saving thousands of dollars on disputed claims.

In addition, the use of undercover operatives to penetrate individuals or groups that would do you harm is at times necessary to obtain the evidence needed to fight back and protect your interests. This is an area where experience and training are crucial. Allow Advent’s team of experienced former law enforcement professionals to get the job done.

Pre-Employment & Tenant Screening

Employees represent you and your business.  We offer background checks and pre-employment screening through our subsidiary, Veritas Background Screening.  However, many resumes and applications contain material misstatements and omissions. Hiring someone based on resumes, personal recommendations or a “gut feeling” can be the recipe for disaster.

Advent Investigations is now providing statewide criminal history checks to protect the interests of employers in the State of New Jersey. The benefit of using Advent is that the search can be completed within three business days. Additionally, the cost per search is less than is typically charged by the State of New Jersey. Search results include the dates, charges, disposition and locations related to any indictable crimes within the State of New Jersey.

Finally, Advent Investigations offers an in-depth background investigation for the employer of executive level personnel. Resume information will be verified and interviews of former employers and character references will be performed. This will ensure that you, as the employer, are provided with the most complete information possible of a prospective member of your team.

Corporate Investigations & Security Assessments

By utilizing Advent’s investigators your firm can effectively reduce fraud, theft and shrinkage in the workplace. Advent professionally and discreetly conducts internal investigations to protect your interests. Various methods are employed to match your budget, including identifying and interviewing suspect employees, conducting polygraph examinations and installing electronic security devices.

Advent employs technical experts to evaluate the security of your home and business. Recommendations to improve security as well as the installation of equipment designed to provide greater security for you, your family and employees are provided.

Due Diligence

Knowledge is power. In order to fully protect your interests when transacting business you should be made aware of all pertinent information to make informed decisions. Do not underestimate the importance of looking beyond what has been represented to you by the other party. Working with your accountant, Advent Investigations will help to ensure that you make a truly informed decision.